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  • Annual Meeting 2006

    The Annual GUPACA meeting was held at the Gstalder’s house on Monday, August 14, starting at 4:00PM. Herb Gstalder opened the meeting and introduced the GUPACA board members:                Tina Browne                Barbara Gstalder                Thelma Klein                John Partridge                Joan Shapiro                Kathryn Weill                Aggie Wolf. Herb asked that anyone interested in joining the GUPACA board contact him or another board member. News And Business Treasurer’s…

  • GUPACA 2022 Meeting Notice

    2022 Annual Meeting and Social Gathering Sunday, August 14thst at 4:00 pm at the Gstalder’s House As in the past, the meeting will be held at the Gstalder’s house at 130 Valley Road, at the junction of Aunt Sally’s Way. We will follow the format we began in 2009. We will have a short organized…